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Frequently Asked Questions

When do you walk?

Telford & East Shropshire Ramblers offer led walks on Thursdays and Sundays. Every first and third Sunday and the first, second and fourth Thursday of the month there is a walk you can join.  Every first Thursday of the month we offer a half day 'short and social walk'. Members can take part in any Ramblers' Group walk throughout the UK, there are hundreds of walks to choose from. You can find at least one Ramblers' walk every day of the week somewhere in the Shropshire Area. On Saturdays there are Rail Rambles usually with a choice of challenging or more moderate routes.

How far, how fast do you go?

You don't need to be super fit or a fast walker. 'Short & socials' are 3 - 5 miles and take a couple of hours (see below). Most walks vary between five and eleven miles and are graded (see below) from leisurely to strenuous depending on whether it is a walk in the park or an energetic hike in the hills and take 5 -7 hours. Walks include a coffee/snack stop and a lunch break. Most walks average two miles an hour. We usually start walking at around 10am and finish around 3pm, depending on how far the walk start is from Telford. The idea is to go at a comfortable enough pace to be able to chat to your fellow walkers, not to be out of breath.

What do the walk grades mean?

Our walks are graded as L,M or S. For more information about how Ramblers walks are graded see the Ramblers Grading System.

L – Leisurely (quite easy level walks, most reasonably fit people should cope with these)
M – Moderate (more open country, paths may have some steep sections or be undulating or hilly, there may be stiles to climb, usually around 8 miles)
S – Strenuous (steeper hills, rough country, longer)

How do you get to the walk start - what about car shares?

We encourage car sharing and offer lifts to most walk starts from Telford, sharing the driver's fuel costs so you don't need to drive to the walk start every time. The meeting point is 9.30am in the Forge Retail Park (FRP) car park (the one with the big Sainsbury store). We meet opposite the Furniture Village Store, by the green fire assembly point. You don't need to worry about parking restrictions as we have special permission to park here on walk days.

What are 'short and social' walks?

These morning or afternoon pub and tea shop short walks are very popular. They only take a couple of hours, five miles or less, plus you need to add on time for the optional social/ lunch/ tea .We go at a leisurely pace and try to avoid stiles if possible. We end with drinks, snacks or something more substantial if you've walked up an appetite, at pleasant pubs and cafes. It's a good way to get to know people and make new friends. Meeting places and start times vary so check on the published programme on this website for times and dates. If you haven't tried walking in the countryside or have been 'walking for health' and want to try something a little further they are a great way to get going or improve your fitness level.

What do I need to wear? / bring?

You will need to bring along a snack, drink, and waterproof clothing for all our walks, a small rucsac is useful to carry it in as it leaves your hands free. For all but short & social walks you will need to bring a packed lunch. Wear stout shoes for short and leisurely walks, walking boots for longer walks. It's a good idea to phone the walk leader in advance as they can give full details of the walk and any requirements, their contact details are in the published walks programme on this website.

Can I bring my dog?

Well behaved dogs on a lead are sometimes allowed, at the leader's discretion, so you must ask the leader first as not all walks may be suitable e.g. landowners' restrictions, livestock, stiles, narrow paths etc. Telford & East Shropshire are the only Ramblers group in Shropshire that permits dogs on walks, except for guide dogs or hearing dogs which are permitted by all Ramblers groups. You can find out Ramblers advice about walking with dogs and our  policy about dogs on Ramblers walks here.

I am a carer, can I bring my children, vulnerable adults?

Children, grandchildren and vulnerable adults are welcome, it is great to see different generations enjoying walking together. Please check with the walk leader first to ensure the walk is suitable for a child or the adult you care for as they remain your responsibility and you must accompany them on the walk. 

What does the leader do? Do I to do anything?

Leaders know the route and will have walked it in advance to check for any problems. They will briefly welcome and advise the Group at the start about what to look for on the walk, give any safety advice and instructions and appoint a back marker whose job it is to make sure no one gets lost. They are responsible for the safety of the Group as a whole and they have the right to decline to accept anyone who they think isn't properly equiped or competent. All you need to do is follow behind them.

Do I need to be a Ramblers member to join a walk?

We offer free walks to the general public during our regular walking festivals. Non members are welcome to try us out for free on a few walks to see if they like walking with us. However, our insurance only covers us for guests for their first three walks so if you start coming regularly you will be asked to join us. 

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