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Local routes

Try out some easy to follow walks, there's lots of ways to get going.

It is the Ramblers' charitable mission to encourage and promote walking for everybody, not just Ramblers members. Here are some local routes you can try for free for yourself; ideal for people with busy lives looking for short walks to fit around work, help recover their health and fitness or enjoy with all the family.

Local routes and places to walk  are on the Ramblers website especially Ramblers Routes. These have been tried and tested by the real experts - Ramblers members themselves. Non members can sample short walks for free and Ramblers' members have additional free, full length walks to choose from. If you are a Telford & East Shropshire Ramblers member, you can use our very own walks archive. Ask our Secretary for details using the contacts form on this website. Our experienced leaders know some great walks near you.

Hutchinson WayTelford & Wrekin Council website has a walking section with free downloadable leaflets on local walking routes, complete with maps, instructions, photos and details of interesting things to look for. By using the Silkin Way, the South Telford Heritage Trail and  Hutchison Way you can walk on green ways, to all parts of the borough including the town centre and award winning Town Park with its pools, wildlife, signed Heritage and Nature Trails and information centre. 

Shropshire Council's Great Outdoors website has a special section about walking complete with free walk leaflets and sat nav guides. They have an interactive map to enable you to identify all rights of way plus many permissive paths as well (not always shown on OS maps). 

Local Walkers are Welcome Towns are Ironbridge, Much Wenlock and Wellington. Our Group works with Wellington Walkers are Welcome clearing paths, improving The Shropshire Way route, working together in The Local Access Forum to solve problems such as damaged footpaths in Limekiln Woods. We have many joint members.They have published short self guided Northern Walks and Wrockwardine Walks leaflets, there are more published walks on their website, all easily accessible from Wellington town centre.

Many of our local councils also feature walking and local walks on their websites such as Visit Broseley with its famous jitties walks, always popular with our Group.

Walking for Health LogoWalking is excellent exercise, not only is it good for the body it is good for the soul. The Ramblers nationally helps support Walking for Health. The local scheme in Telford & Wrekin is called Walkabout Wrekin and in East Shropshire it is Severn Strollers. They offer easy short led walks for people with health issues and many of their routes are also published in leaflet form for everyone to use.

We hope that eveyone who tries short walks for themselves will be encouraged to try out some longer walks with us. Why not try out one of our 'short & social' walks of five miles and under?

New improved Shropshire Way

A working party led by Shrewsbury Ramblers with support from Shropshire Council, with hands on involvement from Wellingtom Walkers are Welcome, Long Distance Walkers Association and our own TES Group has relaunched the Shropshire Way Long Distance Path with better waymarking, shorter clearer main North and South circular routes and a brand new website. This was done after wide public consultation. The Shropshire Way will be a major tourist attraction. As well as offering longer day walks that showcase the best of our area you can have the challenge of completing the whole trail in one go, or doing sections of the route over a number of days .

A new website is in development but you can see the highlights of the route for yourself here by visiting this Shropshire Way Association link.



Wednesday, January 16, 2019